WinGun Black 1911 Metal CO2 Airsoft Pistol

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WinGun Black 1911 Metal CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Model: Airsoft Pistol
Brand: WG (WinGun)
FPS: 400-450 w/.20g (Chrono at 500 FPS with first CO2 insert)
Magazine Capacity: 16
Range: ~100 Feet (effective)
Hop Up: Yes/Fixed
Firing Modes: Single Shot
Gearbox: None/CO2 Operated
Power: CO2 12g Cartridge
Recommended BBs: .20g Airsoft Elite BB, .20g JG BBs, .20g P-Force BBs

The WinGun CNB-4061 airsoft pistol is designed for backyard use and target practice as it shoots too hot to use at any airsoft field. Don't let this fool you! This pistol is great for playing around in your backyard and also works great as a replica prop. It features a metal slide for realism. It also features realistic, textured grip to give users a more comfortable and firm use. 


-Hard shooting airsoft pistol
-Full metal slide -Metal hammer
-Metal trigger
-Metal sight airsoft pistol
-Adjustable rear sight
-On frame safety
-On frame magazine release
-RIS Rails

Package Includes: WG Airsoft Pistol, 16 RD Magazine, Starter BBs