Voodoo Tactical Goggle Set

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Voodoo Tactical Goggle Set

Manufacturer: Voodoo Tactical

Colors: Black, Coyote

Size: 7¾”L x 4″W x 4″H

Complete with anti-scratch, anti-fog, UV 400 poly-carbonate interchangeable lenses in G15, Yellow and Clear. Upper and lower vents for non-fogging. Foam face padding for comfort and adjustable non-slip elastic headband which will fit head or helmet. Comes with a protective cover.


Unless otherwise specified, our goggles and glasses are designed to protect against sun wind and dust particles, no other protection is implied or guaranteed. Make sure you choose your eye protection carefully. Check the manufactures specifications before you purchase to insure you are getting the proper level of protection. Only use eye protection that is rated and guaranteed to provide the level of protection you require. Make this important purchase through a reputable , established supplier. Choose your eyewear with care.