Valken Airsoft


Valken is a leading supplier of a broad spectrum of Airsoft equipment, ranging from BBs to sonic grenades and Airsoft pistols and guns. EXtreme Tronics stocks the entire Valken Airsoft range.

Valken is one of the more innovative brands in the Airsoft market. This brand is extremely popular with high-end Airsoft players for its high quality of products and equally popular for its seemingly endless range of product ideas.

Valken Airsoft products overview

Valken tactical gear is all very high quality. No matter which Valken product you choose, this is a real benchmark brand for performance.

This range includes:

  • Ammo – The ammo range in particular is well worth checking out – Valken offers a huge bulk buying range of products, very useful when you’re using up a lot of ammo and finding is constantly in need of more.
  • Weapons – Modern assault rifles and Airsoft pistols.
  • Batteries and chargers – Indispensable in any environment and particularly useful for those who put their gear through a lot of hard continuous work.
  • Goggle masks – The latest styles, design for comfort and efficiency.
  • Grenades – Including the famous Thunder V range and shells.
  • HPA tanks and systems – The must-haves in any Airsoft environment.
  • Separate air sources – Always handy and good to have when you need spares.


Selecting your Valken products

It’s fair to say that these Valken products offer you a lot of choice in any category. When searching through the Valken range, take a little time to explore all the options. When you’re searching for ammo, for example, you’ll find a wide range of choices of types, and amounts of ammo.

Also check out prices – Valken are pretty reliable for good prices by any standards. If you’re looking for discounts and better deals, also please note that regular Valken prices are comparable with any other brand on the market, but come with that added quality for a few bucks more or less.

Have questions or need some help finding what you want?

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