Tokyo Marui 1911 5.1 Hi-Capa

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Tokyo Marui 1911 5.1 Hi-Capa

Manufacture: Tokyo Marui
Model: Hi-Capa 5.1
Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS
Color: Black

Looking for one of airsoft's most modifiable guns? Look no further! The Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa is, if not the most modifiable, one of the most modifiable airsoft guns on the market. It is designed for any airsoft player who is looking to get the best performance and appearance on the field. It features an all plastic build that is very lightweight and makes it easy to carry and menuver with. It features realistic functions like a fully functioning safety lever, magazine catch/release, and slide catch/release. The gold hardware on the pistol gives it not only a classy look, but makes you stand out on the field. Though the Marui 5.1 is plastic out of the box, upgrades for the pistol are limitless. There are upgrades for durability, speed, aesthetics, and overall performance. Players all around the world buy a stock hi-capa just to upgrade them to their liking. Hi-capas are also some of the most popular airsoft guns among players. They are perfect for any scenario, be it Milsim or Speedqb. The player can customize it to shoot as fast, far, and smoothly as they would like.

Action: Safe, Semi-Auto
Power/Type: Green Gas
Overall Length: 9"
Material: Durable plastic
Sights: Fixed front and rear (upgradeable/replaceable)
Hop up: Adjustable
Magazine Capacity: 31 rounds
Caliber: 6mm

(Depending on FPS and range you are trying to accomplish, the weight of the BBs makes a pretty big difference. If you notice a curve as the BB launches to your opponent, we recommend you try something a little more heavier. ie. If you’re using .20g, try .25g. Your FPS may decrease but your accuracy will be a lot better.)

- High density plastic slide and frame
- Lightweight plastic slide for quick cycling
- Textured grip
- Removable rear sight to replace with aftermarket sight or cocking handle
- Functioning safety

In the box:
- Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa
- 31 round magazine
- Owner's manual