Redline SFR Regulator (Super Fast Refresh) HPA System - Black

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Redline SFR Regulator (Super Fast Refresh) HPA System - Black

Manufacture: Redline
Color: Black
Compatability: High Output and SLP/ELP Air Tanks; PolarStar Engines, Valken V12 Engines, etc

The Redline SFR (Super Fast Refresh) Regulator is designed to be used on HPA tanks for your HPA engine such as PolarStar Jack, Fusion Engine, F1, and Valken V12. It features a fast refresh rate to enhance the speed and efficiency of your gameplay. It features a high flow "big bore" line to ensure that you get the most shots out of your tank. This regulator is also compatible with high output and SLP/ELP tanks, allowing for this regulator to be one of the most flexible regulators out there.

- "Big bore" hose to make sure you get as best of an air flow as possible
- Quick detach fitting for easy and quick usage
- Pre-assembled and ready to use
- Essential to your HPA system
- Equipped with a high pressure relief valve to protect equipment from malfunction