PolarStar FEV2 Gen 3 Redline Airsoft Firebase HPA Black Hose w/Valken GSTN Tank

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PolarStar FEV2 Gen 3 Redline Airsoft Firebase HPA Black Hose w/Valken GSTN Tank

Item Condition: Brand New
Manufacture: PolarStar
Model: FEV2

PolarStar Fusion Engine V2 GEN3


Have you ever dreamed of Polarizing your MP5, G3 or SCAR? With the introduction of the GEN3, now you can! At first glance the GEN3 FEV2 looks very much like the GEN2 and, for the most part, the two are quite similar. However, unlike its predecessor, the FEV2 GEN3 is no longer just for the M4/M16 series rifle. We applied the same concept used with our Version 3 Fusion Engine™ so that it is now able to interface with the selector plate and related components of your existing AEG’s gearbox. This makes it possible to adapt the engine for use in multiple rifle models which share the Version 2 gearbox without any major modification.

The FEV2 GEN3 will come complete with a M4/M16 series trigger and steel selector plate so that it can be installed into any M4/M16 series AEG which is Tokyo Marui compatible. However, by installing a different nozzle or rifle specific conversion kit, you will be able to expand the number of rifles it will be compatible with. In most cases all you’ll need to do is change out the trigger and selector components with ones from your AEG, install a different Fusion Engine™ nozzle, and the engine is ready to use in a completely different model of rifle.

The internal operation of the GEN3 FEV2 and the GEN2 FEV2 cylinder assembly are exactly the same and share many of the same parts, so it offers the same stellar downrange performance and rock solid reliability as its predecessor. This GEN3 does however feature a new side plate design to accommodate the AEG selector plate and is equipped with a new electronic switchboard. One advantage to this new design is that the switchboard offers a wider contact point with the selector plate to allow for varying tolerances in the rifles selector assembly making for improved out-of-the-box compatibility with an increased number of rifle brands.

As requested by many of our fans, the FEV2 GEN3 will come standard with our newly redesigned “Milsim Manifold”. This feature enables the user to install an optional 90 degree fitting inside of their engine allowing the air line to be routed to the rear of the engine and exit through the buffer tube sling plate on an M4 series rifle.

As with all of our engine models, you can quickly change and adjust key functions of the engine via the on-board FCU (Fire Control Unit) which is no bigger than an AEG's MOSFET and can easily fit inside of a rifles battery compartment along with a small Li-po battery. Using the FCU's five position joystick and LCD display you will be able to easily adjust such functions as the systems cyclic rate, fire modes and nozzle timing on the fly.

With the Fusion Engine™ in your rifle you will also be able to adjust its muzzle velocity via the remote air rig (sold separately). Adjusting the PSI output on your air rig will allow you to fine tune your rifles muzzle velocity so you will always be able to get it exactly where you want it. And then for larger velocity changes we offer a series of air nozzles with varying bore sizes to shift the velocity adjustment range up or down to best meet your requirements.

Product Description:
FE Profile: Version 2
Included FE Nozzle Type: M4/M16 Series, Blue (FE-NZ-BLU-M4)
Included Selector Plate: M4/M16 Series
Cyclic Rate: 500 RPM to 1,800 RPM
FCU Battery: 7.4v Lipo w/ JST Connector (BAT-LIPO-74-250)
Build Material: Aluminum
PSI Operating Range: 80 psi. to 120 psi
Item Condition: Brand New
Manufacture: Valken
Model: 46012

These high quality aluminum high-pressure air tanks were designed with safety as a top priority. These tanks are new, with a fresh monthly manufacture date. Each and every cylinder meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and they’re manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.

Valken 48cu Black 3000psi Tank (EU) w/regulator
Product Description:
-High quality 48 cubic inch aluminum cylinder
-3000 PSI fill-pressure capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure
-3000psi regulator has excellent flow, efficiency, and a stable pressure output
-5 year hydro date
-PI certified
-Nickel-plated brass bonnet provides the most durable, long lasting gas interface available
-High and low pressure burst disks for the highest level of safety
-Stainless steel fill nipple with included cover
-Meets or exceeds ASTM standards
Item Condition: Brand New
Manufacture: Redline

Redline Airsoft Firebase Air System HPA

This air system is based on Redline Airsoft's new Firebase regulator. Designed to address the short comings of all the other currently available Airsoft regulators, the Firebase is hands down the finest regulator available for your PolarStar.


The air system includes our exclusive Big Bore Braided Hose and 2 self sealing Mini Quick Disconnects. One on the gun end of the hose and one on the regulator end. The Q.D. on the regulator end of the hose lets you quickly detach the hose from your air system even with the system still pressurized for quick and easy tank refills. Now even with your hose fully integrated into your Vest / Harness tank refills are a breeze . 

The regulator also features an integrated tournament lock. By inserting a wire tie into the holes in the adjuster cap and around the hex nipple it blocks the velocity adjusting screw.

As a added safety measure we have fitted a high flow pressure relief valve. The relief valve helps protect your Engine from an over pressure in the event of either a regulator malfunction or an accidental operator over-adjustment of the regulator.

The Firebase also now comes with our new high performance ASA. The Redline High performance ASA is fully re-buildable and the removable cap doubles as a HPA tank thread saver.

Unlike some other ASA's on the market the Redline High Performance ASA is built to exacting tolerances. This assures that each and every ASA will open the tank valve the exact amount required for proper air flow. This results in high air flow with no shoot down or regulator recharge issues.


The air system comes complete with all fittings required to connect to the Fusion Engine.

We recommend that only TechT Gun Sav be used to lube your Firebase regulator