PolarStar F1 Version 2 Programmable HPA Engine

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PolarStar F1 Version 2 Programmable HPA Engine

Item Condition: Brand New
Manufacture: PolarStar

Model: F1V2

Compatibility: Ver. 2 Airsoft Rifles (M4/M16)

The PolarStar F1 is the newest HPA engine from PolarStar. Like the Jack, it features a compact size that is compatible with Version 2 airsoft rifles (M4/M16). The F1 comes pre-equipped with a macro line and wiring harness. Aside from the engine, PolarStar is including the FCU (Firing Control Unit). With this unit, the user has more freedom to choose their rate of fire and also offers a programmable burst function. This allows the user to select how many rounds will be fired in a burst. Aside from the JACK, the F1 is more consistent and has a larger solenoid, allowing for the most efficient and the best gameplay.



- Compatible with Version 2 airsoft rifles (M4/M16)

- Macro line and wiring harness included

- Programmable rate of fire and burst function

- Larger solenoid for efficient gameplay

- Includes FCU and wiring harness
- Manufactured in the USA
- Instantaneous trigger response
- Assembled from CNC machined aluminum components with high performance nozzle