NcStar VISM 45 Degree Off-Set Rail Mount

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NcStar VISM 45 Degree Off-Set Rail Mount


-45 Degree Offset Rail allows the attachment of Lasers, Flashlights, Red Dot Sights or other Tactical Accessories necessary to get the job done.
-Offset Canted Design creates more Mounting Versatility eliminating interference with Vertical Grips, Handguards, Optics, and other accessories    -Perfect for Mounting a Backup Reflex Sight side by side with your Primary Optic.
-Ergonomic Design gives easy access to on/off switches for Flashlights, Lasers, or Red Dot Sights.
-Constructed of Solid Aluminum, Hard Anodized for corrosion resistance.
-Single Slotted Thumb Nut secures the mount to Weaver Style or Picatinny Rails Quickly and Easily