NcStar AK SKS BiPod Barrel Mount

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ABA (discontinued)
NcStar AK SKS BiPod Barrel Mount

Manufacture: NcSTAR
Model: ABA
Size: 8.3" Collapsed; 13.5" Fully Extended
Color: Black

This Bipod by NcSTAR is designed for .223 and 7.62x39mm weapons. It is a barrel clamp-on mounted bipod which allows for easy application; just bring the legs together and the clamp at the top will open. To close, simply let go of the legs and you are ready to go. It is constructed of pure steel, giving this bipod maximum durability.

- AK / SKS Clamp-On Barrel Bipod
- Height: 8.3" Collapsed
- Height: 13.5" Fully Extended
- Spring Loaded Clamp-On Bipod that clamps onto the barrel with the simple squeezing together of the bipod legs.
- Steel Construction
- Spring Loaded Latch on the Side of each leg for extending or collapsing the legs
- Weight: 15.2 oz