Mauser Kar 98 w/ Ejecting Shells WWII Sniper Rifle

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Mauser Kar 98 w/ Ejecting Shells WWII Sniper Rifle

Manufacture: Dboys
Model: WW1101
Velocity FPS: 300
Color: Wood

The Dboys KAR98 Shell Ejecting Rifle is a great piece of history and prop gun to own. The real KAR98 is famous from WWII by the Germans. This rifle is unique because the shells eject out the rifle as you reload the bolt for the ultimate simulation. This model is great for movie film makers and gun collectors. The velocity of this rifle is 300 fps which is very exceptional for a shell ejecting rifle.

Action: Safe / Bolt-Action
Power/Type: Spring
Length: TBA
Weight: TBA
Material: Metal Barrel Chamber / Polymer Body
Inner Barrel: TBA
Sights: Scope Not Included
Hop up: None
Magazine Capacity: 5 Shells
Caliber: 6mm
Battery & Charger: Not Applicable

- Shell Ejecting
- Smooth Bolt-Action
- Sling Mounts
- Wood Style Design Body

Package includes:
- (1) Rifle
- (1) 5 Shells
- (1) Manual