Lancer Tactical Proline Mk18 MOD 0 Airsoft Rifle - Black

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Lancer Tactical Proline Mk18 MOD 0 Airsoft Rifle - Black

Manufacture: Lancer Tactical
Model: LT-02B-G2-ME
Muzzle Velocity: 370-395 FPS
Color: Black

Lancer Tactical's Mk18 MOD 0 M4 is one of the most versatile airsoft rifles on the market. At a competitive price, it offers a full metal design with great internals. The FPS is about 370-395 with .20g BBs which is perfect for outdoor play. However, the smaller size of the rifle will prove perfect for clearing rooms and other CQB aspects of outdoor play. The weaver rails also allow for the attachment of scopes, optics, flashlights, grips, and many other accessories. Overall, the Mk18 MOD 0 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable outdoor oriented rifle.

Action: Safe, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
Power/Type: Battery
Overall Length: 27.5" - 31"
Weight: 8 lbs
Material: Full Metal
Sights: Flip-Up front and rear sights
Hop-up: Yes, Adjustable
Magazine Capacity: 120 rounds
Caliber: 6mm
Recommended BBs: .25g 6mm Plastic BBs

(Depending on FPS and range you are trying to accomplish, the weight of the BBs makes a pretty big difference. If you notice a curve as the BB launches to your opponent, we recommend you try something a little more heavier. ie. If you’re using .20g, try .25g. Your FPS may decrease but your accuracy will be a lot better.)
Battery & Charger: 9.6V NiMH Battery/Basic Wall Charger

- Full metal design
- Quad Weaver rails
- Adjustable crane stock
- 6.03 Tightbore barrel
- Enlarged Trigger guard
- Li-Po Ready
- Low resistance wiring

In the box:
- Lancer Tactical Mk18 MOD 0 M4 airsoft rifle
- 120 round mid-capacity magazine
- Owner's manual
- Cleaning rod