Lancer Tactical .25G White Biodegradable BBs 20,00

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CA-108 (5 Bags)
Lancer Tactical .25G White Biodegradable BBs 20,00

Item Condition: Brand New

Manufacture: Lancer Tactical

Weight: .25g

Color: White

Count: 20,000

True BIO, Exceeds standard “Bio Inert” Standard - Environmentally friendly - Breaks down over time with a mixture of degradable processes (Heat/Sunlight/Moisture/Pressure) - Often required by Outdoor Fields, Games, and Milsim-type events

The Player’s selection of weight can be determined by factoring combinations of play style, airsoft gun (power/upgrades), game environment (CQB/Milsim/Outdoor), and local rule sets.

Product description:
Lighter BB Weight Advantages
Higher velocities for faster time to target
-Accuracy varies and long ranges (ideal for suppression)
-For use in most spring, gas, and electric powered airsoft guns


-Premium BB
-Diameter: 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances
-Ball bearing quality design
-Polished to perfection