Lancer Tacitcal M110 Spring

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Lancer Tacitcal M110 Spring

Manufacture: Lancer Tacitcal

Model: CA-560
Color: Chrome

FPS: 350 - 380

Lancer Tacitcal is one of the leading manufacturers in the airsoft industry when it comes to performance upgrade or repair parts. Lancer Tacitcal Airsoft offers you reliability and quality at an affordable price. Lancer Tacitcal Airsoft products have been sold to over 30 different countries and continues to expand. The Lancer Tacitcal M110 AEG Spring, constructed out of silver piano wire, is designed to produce approximately 350-380 feet per second. It is important to upgrade any plastic bushings to metal bushings or bearings with this product as well as upgrading from a plastic spring guide is also ideal.

Disclaimer: FPS varies based off different variables of the gun as well, such as barrel bore, barrel length, gearbox compressions and etc.


- 350 - 380

- Comparable to SHS M110

Package Includes:

One Spring.