JAG Arms TSS Scattergun Green Gas Shotgun - Black

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JAG Arms TSS Scattergun Green Gas Shotgun - Black

Manufacture: JAG Arms
Muzzle Velocity: 300-330 FPS
1 Round Muzzle Velocity: 370 FPS
Color: Black

The JAG Arms Scattergun series is one of the most, if not the most, elite and realistic airsoft shotguns on the market. The Scatterguns all boast green gas functionalities which makes them very unique. More specifically, the black TSS shotgun is a great shorter style shotgun, which makes it even more perfect for close quarters engagements. The difference between the TS and the TSS JAG models is that the TSS has a side saddle while the TS does not. Furthermore, the TSS has a short weaver rail which will definitely add to the level of customization since a sight or even a scope can be added to the shotgun. The TSS has full metal receivers, as well as a collapsible stock and pistol grip that is made to resemble that of an AR/M4. The pump is very smooth to operate and adds greatly to the overall realistic features the TSS has to offer. Near the rear of the stock is also a sling mount that will come in handy when switching to a sidearm quickly is imperative. Additionally, the shotgun has a single, triple, or six-round firing capability that adds to the level of intensity. The TSS is overall a fantastic gun that is both fun and reliable of anyone to use.

Action: Safe, single, triple, six-round shot
Power/Type: Green gas
Length: 30.5" - 33.5"
Inner Barrel Length: 265mm
Outer Barrel Length: 325mm
Weight: 6 lbs
Material: Metal
Sights: Flip up front and rear sights
Hop up: Fixed
Magazine Capacity: 28 rounds
Caliber: 6mm

Recommended BBs Brand: Any manufacturer of high quality BBs

(Depending on FPS and range you are trying to accomplish, the weight of the BBs makes a pretty big difference. If you notice a curve as the BB launches to your opponent, we recommend you try something a little more heavier. ie. If you’re using .20g, try .25g. Your FPS may decrease but your accuracy will be a lot better.)

- M4 collapsible stock
- QS sling points
- Side saddle
- Polymer handguard and pistol grip
- Weaver top rail for optics
- Realistic pump-action

In the box:
- JAG Arms Scattergun TSS Black Airsoft Shotgun
- 3 shells
- Speed loader