HFC Flintlock CO2 Pirate Airsoft Pistol

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HFC Flintlock CO2 Pirate Airsoft Pistol

Manufacture: HFC
Model: Flintlock Pirate Pistol
Muzzle Velocity: FPS 42.-430
Color: Faux Wood/Faux Gold

The HFC Flintlock Pirate Pistol is great for anyone looking for a novelty airsoft pistol. Unfortunately, the pistol is shooting too hot to field but is definitely great for a prop, for cosplay, for your collection, or for fun! You could even go after Davy Jones or the Kraken if you want to! The pistol features a faux wood body with metal accents like the outer barrel, faux frizzen, and butt plate. It also features a magazine that is concealed within the body right under the barrel. It is easy to use and is fun to play around with!

Power/Type: CO2 Non Blowback
Length: 16"
Weight: 2.7 lbs
Materials: Faux wood body / metal outer barrel, buttplate, trigger guard, faux fizzen
Hop-up: None
Magazine capacity: 20 rounds
Caliber: 6mm

- Faux wood body with metal accents
- Magazine concealed in body below barrel
- Metal outer barrel, trigger guard, and buttplate
- Powered by CO2
- CO2 Compartment strategically concealed within grip 
- Mock frizzen

In the box:
- HFC Pirate Flintlock CO2 Pistol
- Small pouch for BBs
- Manual/parts diagram