G&G CM16 SRS w/ PolarStar Jack V2 - Extreme Tronics Custom Build

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G&G CM16 SRS w/ PolarStar Jack V2 - Extreme Tronics Custom Build

Manufacturer: G&G
Color: Gray/Black/Red

Thinking of getting a rifle to throw a PolarStar in it? This custom build encapsulates both worlds of a compact, lightweight rifle and still offers the tunability that every player needs.This Extreme Tronics Custom Build is the ultimate option to start dominating on the field right away. Designed by Extreme Tronics' Dillon, the G&G body has been stripped internally to make way for a PolarStar Jack V2 engine, making it extremely efficient with room for tuning specs. With a PolarStar engine, the player has the ability to tune various aspects of the rifle including rate of fire, burst modes, and  even FPS (FPS can be adjusted with a regulator). The PolarStar Engine eliminates a lot of the issues that come with an AEG like stripped gears, pistons, and other issues that commonly occur when running an AEG.

Adding to the performance of the rifle, it is equipped with a Prometheus Metal Hop-Up Unit for the most accurate and consistent feeding. It also comes equipped with a Prometheus Soft Type Air Seal Chamber Bucking to make sure you get the most out of every shot with the PolarStar engine.

Externally, this rifle was built to be lightweight but still provide the player with an advantage when it comes to close quarters combat. The 9.5" Rail allows users to attach their M-LOK compatible accessories like grips, flashlights, lasers, etc. The Madbull Pistol Grip is lightweight and offers users a firm grip on their rifle. It also comes pre-equipped with a Retro Arms Bolt Catch, Fire Selector, Fire Selector Cover, Trigger, and Magazine Catch. All Retro Arms parts are composed of CNC machined aluminum for durability and are all red. Also added is an Acetech Tracer Unit. The Acetech Tracer Unit is designed to be used with glow-in-the-dark BBs. This allows users to easily see where their BBs are travelling in low-light situations. This comes in handy in nighttime outdoor scenarios as well as most indoor arenas.

Build Upgrades:
- G&G Combat Machine CM16 SRS
- Retro Arms CNC Bolt Catch
- Retro Arms CNC Fire Selector
- Retro Arms CNC Fire Selector Cover
- Retro Arms CNC Trigger
- Retro Arms CNC Magazine Catch
- Valken 7.4V LiPo 250mAh 25C Battery
- PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail 9.5" Classic
- PolarStar Jack V2 Conversion Kit
- Acetech Lighter Tracer Unit
- Madbull EPG16 Pistol Grip
- Madbull ACE Ultra Lite Stock
- Bi-Directional Hand Stop KeyMod/M-LOK
- Prometheus Perfect Metal Chamber NEO Set
- Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Packing - Soft Type