EXtreme Tronics 4000ct .25g Zombie Green BBs

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EXtreme Tronics 4000ct .25g Zombie Green BBs

Manufacture: EXtreme Tronics
Count: 4,000

Size: 6mm (5.95 +/- 0.01mm)

BB Weight: .25g

Color: Zombie Green

Get the most out of your airsoft gun with our own custom EXtreme Tronics Zombie Green BBs! These BBs are designed to minimize jamming and feeding issues. They are seamless and offer a consistent, flawless use.

- 6mm Seamless Grade BB
- Perfect airsoft spherical BBs
- High tolerance & high quality
- Perfect round shape without bulges to eliminate 99.99% of jam issues
- High precision polished BBs for minimum jam issues