Echo 1 Red Star Bolt AEG

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Echo 1 Red Star Bolt AEG

Echo 1 is one of the leading brands of airsoft products. Their guns are known for being high quality but at very affordable prices. Their guns are fully upgradeable and compatible with all aftermarket airsoft parts. Echo 1 also has designed their own rifles to be adapted specifically for airsoft.

The Echo 1 Bolt is the perfect AK for CQB and Field Action. With the Bolt’s integrated rail system you can attach your favorite accessories such as lights, lasers, fore grips and more. With the RedStar Bolt’s short length you can maneuver through close quarters without being seen by other players. The Bolt is also capable of taking an M120 spring for increased range and FPS for an outdoor field setting. The re-enforced internals can handle a lipo, to withstand increased rate of fire. Also when it comes to AK style AEGs battery space is always a problem. However, with the Bolt you have space to upgrade from a regular battery to a full length 12v stick battery. With the rails inner open space, you can install the longest stick battery for maximum power.

Product Specifications:
Manufacturer: Echo 1 

Model: XCR
Muzzle Velocity/FPS: 370-400  
Magazine Capacity: 120 Rounds


  • Authentic Engraved Trademarks
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Working Bolt Assembly
  • Side Folding Stock