Dboys M203 Grenade Launcher - Short

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Dboys M203 Grenade Launcher - Short

Manufacture: Dboys
Model: BIM-203
Color: Black

The Dboys M203 Grenade Launcher can launch up to 30-250 rounds of BBs depending on the grenade shell that is used. This launcher is made out of full metal for the frame to provide a sturdy construction. This package includes two types of mounts, one R.I.S. rail mount and the other is a traditional carbine handguard mount. This means the launcher can be mounted on carbine hanguard M4 or R.I.S. railed M4. This version is the short version that matches perfectly with short barrel M4 models.

-Launch Multiple BBs at once

-Frame Construction
-Trigger Activation
-Slide Lock Feature
-Smooth Action Slide
-Mounts On Rail
-Mounts On Carbine Hanguards

Package Includes:
- (1) Short M203 BB Launcher / Grenade Shell Not Included