ASG CZ 805 Bren A1 Airsoft Rifle - Gray

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ASG CZ 805 Bren A1 Airsoft Rifle - Gray

Manufacture: ASG
Model: 50104
Muzzle Velocity: 394 FPS
Color: Black

ASG is known for some of the best airsoft rifles on the market. The CZ 805 Bren A1 is no exception. Whether it's the full metal, modern body or the impressive FPS, the Bren A1 will surely turn some heads on the airsoft field. Equipped with a side-folding buttstock, the Bren A1 is truly easy to maintain and handle. The rifle is also equipped with Weaver rails on all four sides for a variety of customization options such as sights/scopes, laser sights, and flashlights. The Bren also puts out 1.4 joules of energy as well as the previously mentioned 394 FPS so any player of any preference wills surely have lots of fun on the field with this rifle.   

Action: Safe, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
Power/Type: AEG
Length: 34" - 36"
Weight: 7 lbs.
Material: Metal
Sights: Adjustable front and rear sights
Hop up: Yes, adjustable
Magazine Capacity: 550 rounds
Caliber: 6mm

Recommended BBs Brand: ASG BBs or any manufacturer of high quality BBs

(Depending on FPS and range you are trying to accomplish, the weight of the BBs makes a pretty big difference. If you notice a curve as the BB launches to your opponent, we recommend you try something a little more heavier. ie. If you’re using .20g, try .25g. Your FPS may decrease but your accuracy will be a lot better.)

Battery & Charger: Not included. However, once a battery is purchased, a smart charger is recommended for more efficient charging.

- Foldable stock
- Removable cheek well
- Ergonomic grip
- Durable and ambidextrous front and rear sling mounts
- Side-rails are removable if required
- Ver. 3 gearbox

In the box:
- CZ 805 Bren A1 
- 550 round high cap magazine
- Starter BBs