ARES VZ58 Hybrid Airsoft Rifle - Black

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ARES VZ58 Hybrid Airsoft Rifle - Black

Manufacture: ARES
Model: ARES-VZ58M-003
Muzzle Velocity: 345-360 FPS
Color: Black

The ARES VZ58 Submachine Gun is a great and underrated choice for outdoor use. Externally, the rifle features an adjustable crane stock, ergonomic pistol grip, and adjustable iron sights. It performs best under short to medium range engagements, shooting at 345-360 FPS. Overall, it's the perfect choice for most outdoor fields.

Action: Safe, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
Power/Type: Battery
Overall Length: 32.5" - 36"
Weight: 6.83 lbs
Material: Full metal
Sights: Adjustable rear sight/front sight
Hop-up: Yes, adjustable
Magazine Capacity: 160 rounds
Recommended BBs: 6mm Plastic BBs

(Depending on FPS and range you are trying to accomplish, the weight of the BBs makes a pretty big difference. If you notice a curve as the BB launches to your opponent, we recommend you try something a little more heavier. ie. If you’re using .20g, try .25g. Your FPS may decrease but your accuracy will be a lot better.)
Battery & Charger: Not Included

- Licensed by Czech Small Arms Company
- Foldable stock
- Ergonomic pistol grip
- Aluminum alloy receivers
- Realistic AK style
- Takes M4/M16 magazines
- Quick detach spring system

In the box:
- ARES VZ58 airsoft rifle
- 160-round mid-capacity magazine
- Owner's manual