ACETECH Lighter-S Tracer Unit w/ .23g Green Tracer BBs

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ACETECH Lighter-S Tracer Unit w/ .23g Green Tracer BBs
$99.99 $69.95
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Manufacture: ACETECH, Lancer Tactical
Model: ACETECH Lighter S + .23g Tracer BBs
Compatibility: 14mm CCW Threading

Looking to get a tracer unit for your airsoft rifle or pistol? The ACETECH Lighter S Tracer Unit is perfect! The Lighter S is the smallest barrel mounted tracer unit in all of airsoft. The design allows it to look practical when mounted on either a rifle or pistol. Don't let the small size of the Lighter fool you! The ACETECH Lighter is one of the brightest tracer units on the market. It is rechargeable, allowing users to never go through the hassle of buying new batteries each time or even buying rechargeable batteries. It is equipped with a battery pack to make sure that you get the most use with every full charge. The battery will last approximately 22,000 on a full charge. The Lighter will mount to any 14mm CCW threading, making it compatible for most airsoft guns and barrels on the market. The Lighter comes pre-equipped with a removable thread adapter to give users the choice of using 14mm or 11mm threading. This ACETECH Tracer unit is bundled with Lancer Tactical .23g BBs which are super bright while still being cost effective!

- Compact design to look great on any airsoft gun
- On/off power button
- Rechargeable LiPO battery pack that lasts 22,000 shots on a full charge
- Automatic shutoff feature when not in use for 40 minutes
- Solid aluminum construction