Acetech Lighter BT Tracer Unit

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Acetech Lighter BT Tracer Unit

Brand: Acetech
Model: Lighter BT (Bluetooth)
Color: Black

The ACETECH Lighter Series of Tracer Units are some of the best on the market. ACETECH has now come up with a revolutionary tracer unit that doubles as a chronograph. It has the same great quality as other tracer units on the market but with several added functions. The Lighter BT allows users to pair their tracer unit to their smart-device via Bluetooth, using the AceSoft App. This app allows players to view the FPS and RPS of most airsoft guns. The tracer unit allows for a rate of fire of up to 35 RPS for an accurate reading.

- Compatible with airsoft rifles with 14mm threading
- Rechargeable design for on-the-go use
- Pairs to phone via bluetooth
- Uses AceSoft App on smartphone to chrono and find out ROF
- Full charge provides 30,000 shots