.25G White P-Force 6mm Seamless Airsoft BBs - 4,000

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.25G White P-Force 6mm Seamless Airsoft BBs - 4,000

Manufacture: P-Force

Diameter (Size): 6mm (5.94+/-mm)

Quantity: 4,000

Color: White

Weight: .25g


P-Force High Precision Airsoft BBs are manufactured in Taiwan to satisfy the strict demands for today's mid- to high-end airsoft products.

Every batch of P-Force High Precision BB go through rigorous quality assurance procedures to ensure that P-Force High Precision BBs are perfectly spherical, perfectly seamless, with consistent size and weight, and shatter resistant. At 5.94mm, P-Force BB is the perfect size to use with gas blowback airsoft pistols or AEGs and will go through tightbore barrels with ease. The end result: precision.