.23g 0.23g Airsoft Elite Slick BBs Ammo - 2,500

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.23g 0.23g Airsoft Elite Slick BBs Ammo - 2,500

Count: 2,500

Size: 6mm (5.98 +/- 0.01mm)

BB Weight: .23g

Color: WHITE

Manufacture: Airsoft Elite



-6mm Seamless Grade BB

-Perfect round shape without bulges to eliminate 99% of jam issues

-One of the BEST quality .23g BBs for your airsoft gun

-High precision polished BBs for minimum jam issues

-Airsoft Elite BBs are known for accuracy and precision


In our opinion, Airsoft Elite BBs are one of the best BBs that we have ever used. Airsoft Elite BBs are one of the top choices that we use for our airsoft gun testings. These BBs are the one of the best .23g BBs you can get for your airsoft gun. These BBs are precision seamless 6mm .23g BBs. Eliminate 99% of your jam issues with these BBs. Be sure to only use good BBs with your airsoft gun.


This bag of Airsoft Elite BBs are premium high polish precise seamless BBs. These are one of the best BBs in the market. Using poor quality BBs will not only jam your airsoft gun, it can also cause permanent and non-repairable internal damages. We cannot stress enough to let airsoft players know to use good quality BBs from real airsoft retailers.



We strive to sell the best Airsoft BBs we possibly can. If you are not happy with the quality of Airsoft Elite BBs that you have purchased with us, please just simply contact us within 3 days when you receive your BBs and we will send you the information to return the BBs back to us for a 100% refund or an exchange.