Extreme Tronics Basic Rifle Bundle - Starter Package

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CV2907-36; EX-103; 40010001
Extreme Tronics Basic Rifle Bundle - Starter Package

$51.99 (Only available in store)

Manufacturer: NcSTAR, Extreme Tronics, DYE
Model: CV2907-36; EX-103; 40010001

The Extreme Tronics Basic Rifle Bundle is perfect for any beginning airsofter looking to be field ready. The bundle includes a 36" NcSTAR rifle case, Extreme Tronics .25g BBs, and a DYE Proto mask. This entire package will definitely prepare any beginning airsoft player, but for optimum preparedness check out our other starter airsoft packages.

The NcSTAR rifle case features a full nylon exterior for durability but a cotton interior to prevent the rifle from being scratched. The exterior of the rifle also comes with five magazine compartments that can hold not only magazines but small tools and equipment as well as a heavy duty zipper to keep from tearing.

The Extreme Tronics BBs are tried and true, tested by many airsofters of different levels of experience. They offer a high quality construction which will help save from the trouble of replacing internal parts due to poor quality ammunition.

DYE is well known for their innovative masks and tactical gear. With the DYE Proto mask, any beginning airsofter will be ready to play with style and confidence with DYE's Proto mask. It features anti-fog technology to keep visibility on the field and will provide the user with maximum eye, ear, nose, and mouth protection.

Package Includes:
- NcSTAR rifle case
     - Nylon construction
     - Cotton interior to prevent scratches on rifle
     - Five compartments for mags/small tools
     - Heavy duty zippers
- Extreme Tronics BBs
     - .25g
     - High quality
- DYE Proto mask
     - Anti-fog lenses
     - Sleek low profile design
     - Field certified and ready
     - Eye, mouth, ear, nose protection
     - Padded for comfort