Extreme Tronics Basic Pistol Bundle - Starter Package

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EX-201; EX-103; 14571
Extreme Tronics Basic Pistol Bundle - Starter Package

$29.99 (Only available in store)

Manufacturer: Extreme Tronics, ASG
Model: EX-201; EX-103; 14571

The Extreme Tronics Basic Pistol Bundle is a great way to be field ready as quickly as possible, while still getting a great deal. The bundle includes an Extreme Tronics pistol case, Extreme Tronics BBs, and a bottle of ASG Green Gas. This bundle will definitely give any pistol wielder a great start on the field.

The Extreme Tronics pistol case is a nylon constructed case with a carry handle, strong zipper, interior padding to prevent exterior damage to the pistol, and the Extreme Tronics logo sewn into the bottom corner. 

The Extreme Tronics BBs are tried and true, tested by many airsofters of different levels of experience. They offer a high quality construction which will help save from the trouble of replacing internal parts due to poor quality ammunition.

ASG's Green Gas is one of Extreme Tronics' top selling products, mainly because of its great quality. To get the best performance out a pistol, ASG's green gas is very highly recommended.

Package Includes:
- Extreme Tronics pistol case
     - Nylon construction
     - Interior padding
     - Extreme Tronics logo sewn into corner
- Extreme Tronics BBs
     - .25g BBs
     - Seamless
     - High quality
- ASG green gas
     - High quality green gas
     - Good for about 25-30 refills