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BBs & Gas

      In this category at EXtreme Tronics Airsoft, you will find 6mm BBs ranging from the weights of .12g, .20g, .23g, .25g, .28g, .30g, .32g and above. Among all airsoft guns, they will use varying weights of BBs. Lower velocity airsoft guns will generally use lighter BBs; while higher velocity airsoft guns will use heavier BBs for increased accuracy. Among these BBs, you will also find biodegradable and glow in the dark BBs. Biodegradable BBs are more ecofriendly and typically breaks down and starts to decompose within six months when it is exposed to sunlight and air. Glow in the dark BBs are great for night games when used with a tracer unit. Tracer units lights up glow in the dark BBs and makes BBs more visible as they are being used during games. 

      In this category, you will also find everything needed to power your gas operated airsoft guns. The most common gas used in airsoft would be green gas. Green gas is used as a propellant for gas blowback pistols, rifles and sniper rifles. Co2 gas cartridges are used as a propellant for Co2 operated airsoft guns.


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